01 July, 2018

4 rage miles + 1 spite mile

I posted 5 miles this morning. That's not unusual for me. From March through December, I typically log at least 20 miles a week.

Today, those miles were comprised of four rage miles and one spite mile. The rage miles were fueled by anger and frustration and helplessness. Someone I consider a friend, who holds a place in my life and who had become unexpectedly close, was traumatically injured in a car accident about 10 days ago.

The ramifications of this accident are becoming apparent; they will effect him and his family extensively and pervasively. I am doing my best to provide support, love, and care to them all. However, the nature of comas and traumatic brain injury leaves those surrounding the patient feeling helpless and sometimes hopeless.

Those four rage miles were pretty lackluster, ranging anywhere from 8:40 to 9:15, proving that I'm really a lover, not a hater. Apparently anger is junk fuel for me.

Then there's that one spite mile. I ran it in 7:47. This is not my best mile time, not by a long shot. But it was my best mile time on this new course, in this new neighborhood, in this new house into which my friend diligently, generously helped my family move three days before his accident.

Over the course of our two month odyssey prepping, listing, selling, closing, buying and closing again, my friend and I spent a lot of time together. He was basically an innocent bystander unwittingly trapped inside a moving van or a storage unit or an empty house with a crazy woman for hours at a time. In that time, I managed to sell him on running as a panacea for regulating health, mood, and everything else.

He lives up on one of the Shenandoah region's many mountains, off a road that switches back on itself repeatedly. His running route consists of three miles up and down the mountain. I convinced him to log his runs on Strava, partly because it tracks elevation gain as well as distance. And partly because I'm low-key competitive and really wanted to show this hearty and hale young fellow, 16 years my junior, what's what with running.

So that spite mile is for you, Michael. Because I don't want you thinking that I've been slacking while you take a break from running. I miss my virtual running partner and can't wait to give you kudos on your next run.

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